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What We Do

Our stories are about men who get completely transformed into women, inside and out, biologically becoming the fairer, more lovely, far more beautiful sex. He usually fears the change and tries to resist it at first, but after transforming, soon discovers she’s much, much happier and better this way.

We publish gender transformation erotica that’s story-focused and character-driven. If you get turned on by a great story of a man who’s completely transformed into a girl by magic, mad science, mythology, or other fun ways — we’re happy to meet you. You’ll find yourself in good company here.

What We Love

Transgender stories are a lot of fun. There’s something fascinating, curious, and arousing about being turned into the opposite sex. We also really enjoy fantasy, science-fiction, and supernatural fiction. And, of course, who doesn’t love some well-written, page-turning erotica? Blend it all together, and you’ve got TG World. We love telling original gender transformation stories that’ll get your heart pumping and other body parts moving.

Adults Only

We’re intended for mature audiences only. But we’re erotica, not porn. There’s a difference. We want to engage you with a great story — that just happens to include content that’ll turn you on like nothing else does. The adult content is part of the story — not the only purpose of it. It’s all about balance and being tastefully done. It’s art. It’s imagination. It’s pleasure. It’s fantasy.

It’s a way to vicariously experience and enjoy the impossible — totally becoming a woman, and exploring a whole other side of your sexuality.

Who We’re For

You might think a “niche” genre like this would only appeal to a few people. Truth be told, there’s a lot of transgender fiction and erotica fans in the world. Way more than you think. And, even to our own surprise, men and women who aren’t into this genre at all still have commented how much they love our stories. That’s because we focus on the main character’s emotional journey; our books are erotically charged; we know how to tell a good story and pull you in, get you turning page after page to read more.

Still, you’ll especially love and want to read our stories if:

  • you’re just curious what it’d be like to have a whole new body and gender
  • you’re feeling a little sexually repressed, inhibited, frustrated, or disappointed
  • you wouldn’t mind becoming an object of beauty, desire, lust, and sexual pleasure
  • you enjoy things like magic, transformations, mind control, forced feminization, humiliation, mind fucks, masturbation, sexual self-discovery, embracing change, being seduced by supernatural or mythological creatures, wearing female clothes, sex, nudity, super powers, and more
  • and, of course, sexy male-to-female gender transformations

Money Back Guarantee

We’re so sure you’ll love our stories, we offer a seven day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the story or it isn’t what you’re expecting, we’ll gladly give you a refund. We feel you should only pay for the stories you personally enjoy.


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What’s New?

Alan grew up in a conservative, religious home that taught him to feel guilty about his sexual desires. Now as an adult, he finds getting over that negative conditioning too difficult. He’s alone, single, inhibited, and sexually frustrated. So he seeks the help of a professional hypnotherapist, hoping to free himself of his past.

But she’s no ordinary hypnotherapist — she’s secretly a powerful witch, and feels Alan needs more than just a few mental changes. After hypnotizing him, she transforms him into a beautiful 19 year old girl. Alan freaks out, but the hypno-witch promises it’s temporary and gradually guides him even deeper into womanhood, re-conditioning “her” mind to freely love sex and enjoy it without inhibition. Slowly Alan begins to embrace and accept her new body and desires, finally getting over her past in an unexpected way. But then, in the process, she meets someone and falls in love. And now she must make a choice: go back to being a man, as the hypno-witch originally promised, or go for one final hypnotherapy session and fully become a woman forever?

70 pages | Fantasy, Romance
only: $3.99
Rise of the Nymph
Alec's life feels like a hopeless dead end, when suddenly a mysterious air nymph appears and tells him he's someone special. The two quickly fall in love -- but her father, a jealous and protective Greek god, had already decreed that "no man" shall ever be with her. But Alec and his new nymph lover can't stay apart from each other. And with each kiss, with every touch, the curse slowly transforms Alec into a girl -- into a fellow nymph, like her.

While "Alee" begins adjusting to her new life and identity as a girl, her best friend Palo has a sudden realization. He's been depressed his whole life for one reason: he's really a woman on the inside. Why did the Fates choose his friend to be transformed, who didn't even ask for it, while he's stuck in the wrong body for the rest of his life? Full of despair, and without warning, one day Palo jumps off a cliff and commits suicide.

Shocked by the sudden devastating news, Alee gets an idea. Using her new nymph powers, she may be able to give Palo a new body and gender. But it requires her to enter into the underworld of Hades to save her friend first...

98 pages | Mythology
only: $2.99
How I Became a Succubus Were-Woman
A chance encounter at a Halloween costume party changes Henry's life forever. That's where he met Sabrina -- an intoxicating, irresistible, incredibly beautiful woman.

Little did he know that she was a predator and he was her latest prey. As a were-woman succubus, she needs fresh masculine energy to feed on. But she's just a little too hungry -- and drains him just a little too much.

Suddenly Henry finds himself transforming into a girl every full moon, experiencing that same insatiable lust and need to feed. And strangely, he enjoys it. Actually looks forward to it. And soon discovers that only being a girl once a month simply isn't enough for him. So he seeks out a way to make it permanent -- and become an immortal, intoxicating, beautiful full-time female succubus too.

65 pages | Mythology
only: $2.99


Starter Pack for First Timers

TG World Starter Pack
A variety of five of our favorite transformation stories. Think of it as a "sampler platter" to give you a taste and feel for the types of stories you'll find at TG World. It's our hope that you'll love what you read and want to come back for more.

This bundle includes:

Ideal Lovers: The TG Game Show
Two best friends compete in a major broadcast game show, using magic while trying to out-wit each other, hoping to turn the other into his ideal girlfriend forever.

Curse of the Were-Woman
A normal succubus feeds on a man’s life force, killing him if she drains too much. But in this story, one young man meets a special kind of succubus who lures him in with her seductive powers. Instead of draining his life, she sucks away his masculinity — and when she goes too far, he becomes a were-woman like her. This erotic and supernatural story reinvents mythology with a transgender twist.

Jack thought he was volunteering for some new weight loss and anti-aging research project. Instead, he finds himself trapped inside a mysterious empty room, with nothing but a chair and a video camera -- and a woman's voice, telling him what to do. She uses both reward and punishment to make him comply, as slowly, piece by piece, she has him reluctantly feminize and transform himself.

Just Business
Two male executives at a major film studio are up for promotion to become the next CEO. To eliminate his competition, one exec hires a mysterious woman to magically transform his rival into a beautiful girl that he can easily control.

Sweet Revenge
Jacob and Hank were best friends since high school. But after he loses self-control and sleeps with Hank's hot fiancee, Jacob will learn that revenge is a dish best served in panties. He has no idea that Hank's invitation to the Gentleman's Ideal Recreational Life (G.I.R.L.) Center is about to change his life -- and their relationship -- forever.

Price: $23.95
only: $14.95


Featured Series: Tiresias Global – Special Bundle

Tiresias Global Series (Volume 1)
Ready to catch up on the hit best-seller Tiresias Global series?
Save 25% off when you buy Episodes 1-3 together!

This bundle includes:

#1: Ray's Discovery
Ray got recruited right out of college for his genius insights into human transformation potential. Little did he know that the company that hired him had farther-reaching plans than he ever imagined. When he finally discovered their dark secret and refused to have any part of it, they decided to use their new technology to "change" his attitude and opinion. He narrowly escaped, but on this small tropical island, there were only so many places he could hide for long.

#2: Prisoner
Jack thought he was volunteering for some new weight loss and anti-aging research project. Instead, he finds himself trapped inside a mysterious empty room, with nothing but a chair and a video camera -- and a woman's voice, telling him what to do. She uses both reward and punishment to make him comply, as slowly, piece by piece, she has him reluctantly feminize and transform himself.

#3: Gods Among Us
Michael's trying to stop Tiresias Global from transforming any more men into women. His own best friend Ray was one of their victims. But in his attempt to rescue Ray, he finds himself caught between two rival gods and must choose a side to serve. A pawn in some higher game, Michael suddenly discovers he, too, is slowly transforming into a girl. But if "she" plays her cards right, Michael may end up a goddess herself.

Price: $12.97
only: $9.75


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Satisfaction Guarantee: Art is subjective and not everybody likes the same things. We believe you should only pay for the stories you personally enjoy. That's why if for any reason you're not satisfied with your PDF eBook purchase on our site today, you may kindly ask for a refund within 7 days. Your purchase is risk-free. Thanks for giving us a try.