Get changed. And we don't mean just your clothes.


TG World Role-Playing Game

Do you enjoy transgender RP (role-playing) online? This role-playing game can be played online via text chat only, in person with open-minded or like-minded friends/partners, or any other way you want to play.

It’s quick and easy to learn (takes about a minute) and provides endless fun.

Choose a story scenario and experience your body getting transformed into the opposite sex while role-playing like normal. The game adds a layer of random chance for unexpected fun surprises.


How It Works

Step #1:
Choose the story scenario (which includes how to “win” the game). Start role-playing as normal.

Step #2:
Collect desired items (magic spells, body suits, etc) to transform yourself or another player. Roll a standard six-sided die to determine things like breast size, hair color, sexual orientation, sex drive, and more. Then role-play the transformation experience — and enjoy whatever “happens” next.

Step #3:
We’ve provided a free online quick reference sheet, to help you record and remember your changes. Depending on your scenario and how many people are playing, you may experience multiple transformations.


Getting Started

  • Official Game Rules (takes only a minute to learn).
  • Choose your desired scenario in Story Mode.
  • Select a starting Occupation for role-playing and a unique advantage in the game.
  • Acquire one or more TG Items to start your transformation.


It’s 100% Free!

This simple, light-weight role-playing game is provided 100% free, thanks to all the fans who purchase our sci-fi / fantasy gender transformation stories.

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Oddly, he usually resists the changes at first. As if there's something wrong with being a girl. But once he's fully transformed, and often after some great new sexual experiences, she ends up loving her new life!

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