Fruit of the Vine

by Emissa Ghaight
Fruit of the VineScott and Kristin are enjoying their Hawaiian vacation, when suddenly, a mysterious woman invites them to the little known island of Otneas. It's a magical paradise filled with beautiful women, delicious fruit, and even more delicious wine. But not all is as it seems. Something about this place begins transforming them, turning both Scott and Kristin into brand new women -- women who soon will embrace a whole new life, and serve a whole new purpose.

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Silver Lake Academy 2: Alma Mater

by Emissa Ghaight
Silver Lake Academy 2Jennifer Brunswick has settled into and embraced her new life as a female student at Silver Lake Academy. But as she and her fellow students discover entirely new levels to their psychic powers, a greater mystery unfolds and deeper questions must be asked. Exactly why did the Headmistress send Michael Brunswick back in time as a teenage Jennifer? Will the Headmistress intervene to seize control of Jennifer and her new powers? Will Jennifer be able to turn the tables and overpower her? And what will become of the other students that Jennifer has become so close to?

This is Book 2 of the Silver Lake Academy series. It's highly recommended to read Book 1: "The Daughters of Silver Lake" before starting this one.

Gaze Into Her Glowing Blue Eyes »


by DK Masters
CompetitionMark and Jason are both star runners on their university's all-boys track team. They're each other's rival and only real competition. But then Jason starts pulling ahead, winning again and again. And then, to make matters worse, he ends up stealing Mark's girlfriend -- and Mark won't stand for it.

With the help of a witch, Mark tricks Jason into drinking a magic potion designed to turn him into a girl. As a girl, Jason wouldn't be able to compete on the all-boys track team any more, and better still, no longer be a threat for stealing anyone's girlfriend ever again.

Slowly, Jason begins transforming. Little by little, his mind and body become more and more feminine. He doesn't know how or why this is happening to him, but if he doesn't find a way to stop it soon, it may be too late.

May the Best "Man" Win »

How I Became My Best Friend’s Girlfriend

by Dawn Carrington
How I Became My Best Friend's GirlfriendAll my life I've been secretly fascinated with the idea of transforming into a woman. I just wanted to know what it was like. I never suspected that when my best friend and I set out on a mission to find the ultimate prank for our high school prom, we'd stumble across a mysterious magical place that would give me the opportunity to temporarily live as a girl. This is the story of how I, an 18-year-old man, became my best friend’s girlfriend.

Experience Your Female Self »

The Loyalty Factor

by Emissa Ghaight
The Loyalty FactorHe woke up in a strange room wearing different clothes in a whole new body. Colin, a newlywed man, had somehow been completely transformed into a woman. Left all alone in a room with nothing but feminine clothes to wear, "she" had no idea just how much her life was about to change. Soon after, Colin's wife joined her in this mysterious place, finding themselves captive to some larger unknown force -- which didn't take long to fully enslave them both, reprogramming their minds to turn them into obedient, willing, happy mind-controlled slaves. But that was just the beginning -- for they were both part of an even larger plot.

Find Freedom in Being a Slave »

Silver Lake Academy 1: The Daughters of Silver Lake

by Emissa Ghaight
Silver Lake AcademyMichael's interview at the elite girls' boarding school Silver Lake Academy seems to be going well. But then he sees the headmistress' eyes start to glow a bright beautiful blue -- and he wakes up to find himself transformed into a girl. Now suddenly thirteen years earlier and thirteen years younger, "Jennifer" must begin her new life as a student, not a teacher, here at this school -- and before she can change things back to normal, she finds it hard to resist the seduction and hypnotism of Silver Lake Academy's girl-empowered cult.

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Slave Unit 4704

by Emissa Ghaight
Slave Unit 4704You had a nice weekend camping trip planned with your girlfriend, but when you unexpectedly discovery a secret base in the woods, you're both captured and imprisoned. Inside the compound, you discover everything and everyone is controlled by a super computer artificial intelligence, and soon you become one of his many mindless robotic female slaves.

Be Reprogrammed »


by Dawn Carrington
PrisonerJack thought he was volunteering for some new weight loss and anti-aging research project. Instead, he finds himself trapped inside a mysterious empty room, with nothing but a chair and a video camera -- and a woman's voice, telling him what to do. She uses both reward and punishment to make him comply, as slowly, piece by piece, she has him reluctantly feminize and transform himself.

Try to Escape »

A Girl’s Life 2

by DK Masters
A Girl's Life 2It's been 10 years since Dana got supernaturally transformed into a girl. Everything seems to be going well, until she accidentally shares her secret with the love of her life. When he freaks out and rejects her for once being a man, Dana fears she may never find love again -- unless the god who changed her is willing to reset time and give her another chance to make things right.

Change Your Past »

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