The Intern

Transformed By:Transformation Ray Gun
Length:19 pages
When:Throughout Entire Story
Sex Drive:Extremely High
TF Description:Highly Detailed
Mature Content:High – Adults Only
Who Gets Changed:Main Character
New Role/Purpose:Bimbo Slut for Sale
Summary:An evil genius has invented a new device that can transform anyone into anything — and uses his mind-controlled intern as a demonstration.

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“Ladies and gentlemen,” he said, stepping in front of the camera, “your connections are now secure. We are ready to begin.”

He was a tall man, about 6-foot-2, appearing somewhere in his thirties. He was a good looking fellow, well dressed and neatly groomed, clean shaven, and very professional-like all around. He wore a black business suit that easily cost more than most families earned in a year. But one thing that really stood out about this man was his eyes — they were alert, keen, clever, constantly devising. Always thinking. Others could tell he was smart.

Very smart.

So smart, in fact, that no one knew his true identity. He was simply known as “The Mastermind” — or just plain old “Mastermind” for short. He was a genius in his own league — and a genius among geniuses.

On this particularly fateful evening, he transmitted an encrypted video broadcast to several select high profile (and high income) individuals worldwide. Mostly — actually, entirely — the not-so-legit kind. People who rose to power using, one could say, “other than legal” methods.

Mastermind himself could’ve been anything — a doctor, a lawyer, heck, even the president of the United States if he wanted — but instead, he chose a different path: he became one of the world’s first super criminals.

Nothing petty like robbing banks or fixing the lottery. Not even things like cracking the CIA database or planning the assassination of a foreign leader, although he was certainly more than capable of doing all those things. No, Mastermind was interested in something much more … eccentric.

Something much more cutting edge, he felt.

Something much more daring, sinister, exciting, and morally and ethically gray. Something that would make him go down in history.

“Today,” he said to his carefully selected audience online, “is a new day. Whatever you thought possible in the world when you woke up this morning, ladies and gentlemen, please disregard for the remainder of this demonstration.”

He stepped off camera for a moment. For that moment, the camera recorded a blank wall. Then he returned, trying to hide his smile of anticipation.

“Mastermind Technologies brings you the ultimate in human transformation, identity reassignment, and personal fantasy. Whether you’re running from the law, sneaking into unauthorized territory, or just bored with the way things are — what I’m about to show you, my friends, will change everything.”


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The Intern
An evil genius has invented a new device that can transform anyone into anything -- and uses his mind-controlled intern as a demonstration.

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