About TG World

Who We Are

TG World publishes sexy high-quality stories about men who get transformed into women — through an original, page-turning fantasy or science-fiction experience. If you love fictional boy to girl transformation stories, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re a small, writer-owned company, based out of San Diego, CA. We’ve been publishing sci-fi/fantasy gender transformation stories since 2011. To learn more about the authors and team, check out our bios here. And if you’re an author, editor, graphic designer, artist, marketing genius, game designer, or filmmaker who loves fictional boy to girl transformations, let us know if you’d like to join the team!


What to Expect

Our stories are about men physically turning into women, inside and out, biologically becoming the fairer, more lovely, more beautiful sex.

Each story is unique. Sometimes the transformation happens at the beginning, sometimes it’s a slow build up to climax at the end. Some stories are one big long drawn-out transformation experience.

Sometimes the change is instantaneous, sometimes it’s slow and gradual. Sometimes he wants the change, but usually he doesn’t… at first.

The transformation is always fictional — caused by something magical, high-tech, or supernatural.


What About Other TG Elements?

Stories may include things like mind control, cross-dressing, forced feminization, behavior modification, getting pregnant, applying make-up, humiliation, dominance and submission, wild sexual adventures, and a wide variety of other experiences.

But our focus is the absolute, total, and irreversible physical transformation of a man into a beautiful, sexy, often irresistible woman.

You won’t find any shemales, partial transformations, or boys only “pretending” to be girls here. By the time the story ends, the main character will be fully biologically female.


By Fans, For Fans

We’re fans of the genre first and foremost. We love reading these stories. We love writing these stories. And we created TG World to help share the joy of gender bending with the world!

We also think that gender is a very diverse thing. Not all men are “manly,” not all women are “girly,” some people criss-cross, some like to hover somewhere in the middle, and simply put, life is full of beauty and variety everywhere you look. So why should gender identity, gender expression, or gender experience be any different?

We want to promote a world where an individual can express and be whatever gender they want and be accepted exactly as they are. Be who you are. You’re beautiful. Male, female, both, neither, or somewhere in between — if it’s authentically you, that’s all that matters.


Mature Content

Yes, our stories frequently have adult content.

But in general, we tend not to publish anything too graphic or overly explicit. Some TG fiction online can get really raunchy and ridiculously sexually vulgar.

We like to be classy about it. We want to seduce you. Tease you. Get you aroused and worked up, anticipating the erotic climax — and then “finish” you off with a satisfying transformation so you’ll keep you cumming back home for more…


100% Safe to Try

All of our stories include a risk-free 7 day money-back guarantee. Go ahead. Grab anything that looks like it might be interesting. If you don’t like the story, we’ll actually refund your money. As writers, we feel you should only pay for the stories you enjoy. We want you to enjoy what we’ve created.



The opinions, beliefs, and values expressed in a story do not necessarily represent what the author or TG World actually thinks, feels, or believes.

We write to entertain. We’re creating and expressing art. These stories are not meant to reflect “real life.”

This is all fantasy fiction and niche erotic fetish entertainment.

An escape. Wish fulfillment. Kinky masturbation material. No more, no less.
Still, reader discretion is advised.


Thanks for Reading!

…now, are you ready to be transformed?

You’re gonna look so pretty


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Want to learn more? Read on, baby!

  • Are you an autogynephiliac? Learn more about “autogynephilia” — getting turned on at the thought or image of being turned into a woman.
  • What specifically turns you on? There’s different sub-types of autogynephilia. But it’s not just gender transformations that turn many people on. All kinds of transformations can and do.