Are you an “autogynephiliac?” Do you know one?

What the heck is that? Sounds weird.

Actually, not at all. An autogynephiliac is simply a man who gets sexually turned on by the thought of physically becoming a woman. If you think that’s weird or somehow perverted, the DSM-IV (a major psychological classification index) does not classify it as a disorder. At best, it’s a fetish. No more, no less.

Everybody has some kind of kink or fetish. For some people, it’s shoes. For others, being strapped to the bed posts. Or were-wolves, vampires, cowboys, or firemen. Maybe you get turned on by something else that’s a little less common. But the truth is, we all get turned on by something unique.

Just because it’s unique, doesn’t make it wrong, weird, or bad. It’s just different.

And different is good. Different is beautiful.

Take a look around at the universe — or in your own backyard. There’s infinite diversity. Infinite variation. Infinite variety.

So much life. And so many unique expressions of life.

Who says all men have to be and stay men, and all women have to be and stay women, and never shall one gender cross over into the other? That’s just silly. As you know, gender and sexuality is a very rich and diverse spectrum. Some people will fall to the extreme ends of that spectrum. But a lot of us — most of us — are somewhere in between. And autogynephiliacs (and our siblings the autoandrophiliacs) are somewhere very close to the middle. We’re one gender, yes, but wouldn’t it be so much fun to be the other gender too?

Who would you be if you were the opposite sex? Would you be more outgoing or more shy and reserved? Would you live a different life — perhaps be a homemaker or in an entirely different career — or would everything be the same, just with a different face and genitals? If you’re a man now, and you could transform into a beautiful girl, would you try it just out of curiosity? See what it’s like from the other side — getting all the praise, compliments, and attention. The free meals. Enjoy being pampered. Do you wonder what it’s like to be pregnant, to carry a new life inside you? Ever wish you could experience multiple orgasms? Do you just wish you had more freedom in the choice and style of clothes you could wear in public? Are you a man who’s tired of being the dominant one in the relationship all the time, always the initiator for sex — wouldn’t it be nice to mix things up and try surrendering, letting go, being submissive, and letting your partner take control for a change?

Many of the authors published here are autogynephiliacs. They’re healthy, normal adults — mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually. Socially well-adjusted people with happy relationships. To most outsiders, they appear to be normal, ordinary, everyday, regular, heterosexual men. They just happen to have an occasional (or frequent) fantasy of being physically transformed into a woman too. For a wide variety of potential reasons.

For many like them, it’s a curious turn-on. It’s fun, arousing, entertaining. Maybe a little escape from the everyday pressures and responsibilities of life. But at the end of the day, it’s just a fantasy, just a fetish.

Being an autogynephiliac doesn’t necessarily mean you actually want to be turned into a woman in real life. It doesn’t actually mean that you don’t either.

The truth is, some autogynephiliacs are perfectly content staying as men in real life. Their autogynephiliac interests are just a pleasure, a pastime, their own little kinky fetish, something fun to fantasize about — but keep it entirely within the world of entertainment. Others, on the other hand, may honestly feel they’re actually a woman inside, and feel the need to physically transform themselves for real, so they can finally match their outer bodies with their inner souls.

So whether or not you want to become a woman in real life — welcome!

Sometimes the public assumes “every” autogynephiliac wants to become a bona fide woman in real life, and we’re just making a clear point that some do and some don’t. And some aren’t sure either way yet. Either way: okay. Cool. No worries.

It’s all good.

You know why?

Because as an autogynephiliac, I can say this: we’re special. And in a good way. A valuable way. Whether it’s just a casual fantasy or fetish, if you’ve legally and physically changed into a woman full-time, or you’re anywhere in between — we have one advantage over everybody else.

We understand the sexes like no one else.

We can connect, understand, and relate between the two separate worlds like nobody else. You’ve heard of “men are from Mars, women are from Venus,” right? Autogynephiliacs live on Earth, half way between the two worlds. We’re a bridge between the two. We understand the two better than anybody else. Because, on some level, we are both male and female, to a lesser or greater degree.

We can help improve communication between men and women. We can appreciate, understand, value, and respect their differences and quirks. As men, we can be more sensitive lovers. As women, we can be stronger and more empowered in everyday life. We have the benefits of both genders within us. We can take the best of what it is to be masculine, and the best of what it is to be feminine, and co-exist it in the same body.

And yes, sexuality is a spectrum, and even within autogynephilia, there’s a sub-spectrum. Some have a more masculine soul, some have a more feminine soul, some are truly and miraculously 50/50. But what we all share in common is an interest, a desire, a fascination, a curiosity, a love of, a turn on, a joy of thinking about and fantasizing about being able to transform into the opposite sex. We may be men, and we may fully value and appreciate all the good things about being a man — but unfortunately, in real life, we can’t easily physically be women. We see and value and appreciate all the beautiful and wonderful things about being a woman too. And some part of us longs to experience that, to enjoy that.

So we turn to fantasy. To imagination. To entertainment. To vicariously experience what it’d be like to escape ourselves, to leave one life behind, and transform into and embrace and experience a whole new way of being and living.

Again, for some of us, it stops there. It’s just fantasy and entertainment. A kink that really turns us on. But for others — it’s quite a different story. They long to actually — and only — be women in real life. On this great spectrum, they somewhere where they physically got a body that completely mismatches their internal identity and self-image. So for them, these stories can be a different kind of escape. A wish fulfillment. Because, sadly, gender-bending magic potions aren’t available at Walmart, and surgery can be expensive and risky, and quite simply and honestly, our technology hasn’t caught up to where it some day will undoubtedly be. Until they day we can walk into a clinic, sign a form, step into a machine, and walk out a whole new person and gender — we have books and movies to escape into, we have our dreams, we have fantasy and imagination, as poor substitutes — but still better than nothing at all — to try to ease the pain of a mismatched body-soul gender identity.

So, wherever you are on this huge spectrum, know that you are welcome here, as you are, who you are, and who/what you want to be.

Here you can be a man. You can be a woman. You can be both. You can be neither. You can switch back and forth as the mood fits.

All are welcome here. Here, you can be yourself — or if it’s yourself you’re trying to escape or take a break from — it’s all good. Welcome. Be who you want to be, for as long as you want to be, while you’re home here in TG World.

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