Meet the Authors

TG World’s authors are hand-picked for their talent, originality, and fun personalities. We’re a small (but growing) company. Here’s our team. Meet the contributing authors who make TG World a magical, fun, and gender-bending joyful home.

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Abbey Lynn

Abbey first joined our family after reading Curse of the Were-Woman by Dawn Carrington. She was inspired by the mythology behind it, and wanted to expand on that world and do her own take of it.

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Dawn Carrington

Dawn is the author of the Tiresias Global book series. For a while, she hosted a popular captioned pic blog too. She enjoys creating sci-fi/fantasy gender transformation stories from her home in Hawaii. Although not always obvious, all her stories exist within the same universe. They’ll begin tying together more and more as time goes on.

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DK Masters

DK is a light-hearted, fun-loving shape-shifter who (obviously) loves spending much of her time in female form. She’s into a wide variety of topics — and it shows in her stories. Time travel, super heroes, philosophy, erotica, exploring far off worlds, and staying in everyday local places — you never know what to expect in one of her stories, except for one thing: you know it’s gonna be good!

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Robyn Rhedd

Robyn’s been a fan of transgender fiction since before the Internet even existed. And once she discovered TG World, it became her dream to join our team and publish her original masterpieces through us. Her stories not only share a great gender transformation experience, but they also often include a message about self-acceptance and self-empowerment.

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Stacie Skye

When Stacie’s not writing novellas, she also does screenplays and comic books. She’s a multi-talented writer who had no idea men could be transformed into women — until one fateful night when it happened to her. She may be a girl now, but she still rules when it comes to sports and video games.

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Tiffany White

Tiffany was one of the first authors to help launch TG World. She’s been with us since the beginning. She writes a variety of sci-fi/fantasy gender transformation stories that tend to be shorter stories instead longer novels. She says, for her, she likes to read a quick story right before bed, satisfying her need for a little transformation before going to sleep.

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The Chemical-S Kid

The Chemical-S Kid is a Hollywood screenwriter who enjoyed our stories so much, she wanted to do an adaptation (of Tiffany White’s “The Intern”) just for fun. She’d like to continue contributing other screenplays to the site as well, but let’s face it, most people don’t want to read screenplays; they want to watch them. Good news is, TG World wants to make some gender transformation short films and episodic videos in the future. She’s excited to write for those once we start.

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