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A rose by any other name...

Types of Autogynephiliacs

According to Ray Blanchard (a sexologist who did some research on this stuff in the ’80s and ’90s), there’s four types of autogynephiliacs. We’re all men who get turned on by the thought or image of being a woman — but which aspect of the feminine experience will vary from person to person.

Which category do you best fit into?

  1. Transvestic: Wearing women’s clothing  — shoes, dresses, stockings, make-up, etc.
  2. Behavioral: Participating in stereotypical feminine behavior — shopping, cooking, cleaning, playing dress-up, or being “girly” in other ways.
  3. Physiologic: Physically experiencing what normally only a female could — getting pregnant, breast feeding, menstruating, etc.
  4. Anatomic: Biologically having a woman’s body — breasts, vagina, feminine height/shape, long hair, feminine hands and feet, etc.

We’d like to add a couple more categories:

  1. Transmorphic: The experience of physically changing and transforming from a male into a female.
  2. Cross-sexual: Exploring, experiencing, understanding, enjoying, and appreciating the sexual experience from a female’s perspective.

transmorphic is about the experience of change. It’s about willingly or unwilling letting go of the old — and by choice or necessity, embracing the new.

A transmorphic autogynephiliac, therefore, gets turned on by the thought or image of losing his old male self (mind, body, and life experience overall), to be replaced by a brand new female self. It’s about a “fresh start,” a releasing of the old, an embracing of something new and perhaps a little mysterious. It’s about death and rebirth.

And a cross-sexual, whether male or female to start, is about the discovery, adventure, mystery, and exploration of the opposite sex’s experience during sex. It’s about learning how the opposite sex’s body responds; what turns it on, what feels good, what works and what doesn’t. It’s about experiencing what cannot be truly experienced, without total transformation into the opposite sex.

A cross-sexual autogynephiliac, therefore, gets turned on by the thought or image of being able to experience sex from a woman’s perspective, from within her very mind and body, as a woman — to know and experience what only a woman can and does sexually. It’s about enjoying sex from her side; feeling her sexual experience and bliss exactly as she does, with no male filters, judgments, or inhibitions in the way.


And lest you think all this is limited only to men, there’s another term we’d like to introduce you to:


Yup. An “autogynephiliac” is a man who gets turned on by being a woman. An “autoandrophiliac” is a woman who gets turned on by being a man.

Power GirlAdmittedly, there’s less official research on autoandrophilia. Probably because, in our modern culture, it’s pretty much totally “normal” and okay for a woman to dress like a man and do stereotypically masculine things (sports, business, etc).

That eliminates the transvestic and behavioral categories for women. Nothing remarkedly unique or uncommon about that, so no point in researching it. And since there’s nothing physical that men can do that women can’t, there’s no need for a physiologic category either.

I have, however, met some women who fantasize about having a penis. That would qualify for anatomicSo I know from personal experience that they’re out there. I know women who are fascinated by the idea of what it would feel like to be the man in the bedroom too. I’m sure to some degree, everybody’s at least a little curious what sex is like from the other’s perspective. For some women, that curiosity has grown into an erotic fetish. That counts as cross-sexual.

And what about transmorphic? I think every human being, regardless of sex or gender, can find transformation experiences sexually arousing.

How do I know?


We All Have Transformed

Because every human being experiences transformation, multiple times throughout his/her life, especially during puberty.


“The only constant in the Universe is change.”
-Albert Einstein

One of the biggest personal transformation experiences we’ll ever have is going from sexually-ignorant adolescents into mature, sexually-interested teens and adults.

Hello, DoctorOur bodies change. Our internal chemistry changes. Our desires, goals, and expectations in life change. Puberty is a multi-year transformation process — one we all experience, and one that turns us all on sexually.

And for many people, their brain links “physical change/transformation” with “sexual desire.” Sure, other things will turn them on too. But change is life. Change is growth and maturity. Change is discovery. Change is mysterious. Change forces us to enter the unknown.

And sex is one of the greatest, most anticipated “unknowns” until we finally have it. Sex is mysterious. Sex is full of discovery. Sex is a big part of life.

Every single human being must “transform” before he or she can fully enjoy sex.

Add that to a healthy, active imagination — and the transformation community is born.


The Transformation Community

TG World is part of the larger transformation community. We specialize in male-to-female transformation stories. But the transformation community is much, much more than that.

Do a google search for “TF” or “transformation” stories, art, games, or creativity of any kind, and you’ll find endless variety and infinite possibilities.

You may have heard of some of the more popular groups already. “Furries,” for example, are people who love human-to-animal transformation stories and artwork. And while not all of it is overtly sexual, much of it is. And let’s clear something up right now: furries are not into bestiality. They don’t want to have sex with animals. They fantasize about being turned into animals — in part or whole.

But I have to be careful here. Not “all” furries fantasize about being transformed. Some just feel, internally, that their soul comes from a particular animal, and want to express their inner identity with their outer world. Others may have a different story.

Just like with autogynephiliacs and the transgender community, there’s a wide variety of people. You can’t label them all. There is no “one definition fits all.”

You know how some people feel like a woman trapped inside a man’s body? I have met some people who feel like a fox, horse, or other animal’s soul trapped in a human body.

And for all we know, maybe they are! Billions of people around the planet believe in reincarnation. What if they’re right? And what if someone was a fox, horse, or other animal in their last life? What if this is their first incarnation in a human body?

And the transformation community extends far beyond that. There are people who fantasize about being transformed into inanimate objects (clothing, furniture, you name it), stone statues, plastic mannequins, plants, robots, aliens, mythological creatures (mermaids, fairies, vampires, etc)… The list goes on and on.

With such a massive community and vast variety of transformation experiences, one thing is clear: transformation is part of the human experience, and for many, that transformation is linked to sexual discovery and sexual release. Sexual freedom.


Does Transformation Create Sexual Freedom?

In real life, even after we physically transform through puberty, there’s still all these rules and limitations of when, how, why, and with whom you have sex. Especially when religion gets involved. But even without that, modern society requires that we hold ourselves back and follow sometimes very long, drawn-out, and complex mating rules. You can’t date subordinates at work. You can’t have sex on a first date without being called a slut. You’re supposed to wait for marriage if you’re conservative. You’re only allowed to sleep with one person at a time.

Society tends to function much better overall with all these rules. We’re not animals. We’re modern, civilized human beings. We need rules to protect rights and prevent chaos.

BUT — this “higher thought” part of the cognitive brain is a relatively recent addition to our biological evolution. And much of our brain is still very in touch with our base animalistic instincts and raw desires. We may be able to (most of the time) control ourselves and not have sex with someone for good reasons, but that desire and hungry sexual impulse is still there.

Transformation stories (of any kind) are often a release for all that pent-up raw, passionate, animalistic energy inside. The subconscious often deals in the world of symbols, metaphors, and abstract ideas. Through art, through entertainment, through “total fiction and fantasy,” we can vicariously experience or release something we don’t have the opportunity to in reality.

For some, the idea of transforming into a woman isn’t so much about being a “woman,” as it does the implied sexual freedom and heightened physical pleasure being a woman would provide him. For others, being an animal may not be so much about being the animal itself, but being free to enjoy life and sex without all the limitations, rules, pressures, and responsibilities of a normal human life.

Again, everybody’s different. We’re just listing some examples here, to create a broader understanding and a deeper, more insightful perspective. Some people really do want to change into a woman or animal (or something else) simply to be that other thing. Some people find, subconsciously, that a particular transformation provides release, freedom, or possibility not available to them now. For you, it may be another reason.

We don’t have to understand why we share these feelings and desires. We don’t have to know why transformation artwork and entertainment turns us on. Just know that for many people (all types, backgrounds, genders, and interests alike), transformation is hot. Transformation is sexy. Transformation can be a whole lot of fun!


And It’s Everywhere

You might be into a type of transformation and not even realize it. Some are really public and popular right now. Example? Vampires used to be dark, ugly, and scary. Now (and increasingly so over the past few decades), men and women alike fantasize about becoming a vampire.

And why wouldn’t they? Vampires have become sexy, young, and hot — and they never age! They probably have supernatural powers too. And, yeah, they’re definitely getting a lot more sex these days too. Even were-wolves (regardless what you thought about the Twilight series) are starting to become sexy too. That’s another kind of transformation.

I Believe in Fairies. I Do. I Do.

Of course, not all types of transformations are inherently sexual.

You don’t see many zombie movies with the undead getting it on with each other. But are there people who love zombie flicks? You bet. It’s just another type of human-into-something transformation story with gaining popularity these days.

Super hero stories are rich with transformations. As are fantasy magic stories and classic fairytales. Even the ancient Greek myths were full of it: Zeus turned himself into a swan, Tiresias transformed into a woman, Medusa changed people into stone… Seems like every other episode of Doctor Who, somebody’s transforming into something. Face it. Transformation is everywhere.

Blockbuster movies, popular Saturday morning cartoons (I’m looking at you, Ninja Turtles), mainstream book series, comic books, video games, and pretty much everywhere else — people just love a good transformation story.


But What Are You Into?

Love Your Life

Whether you share an interest in a specific kind of transformation or not is entirely a different story. We all have different tastes and interests. And for some, their favorite happens to be gender transformations.

At TG World, we love male-to-female transformation stories. If you’re reading this, we bet you do too. Or maybe you’re a friend or family member of someone who does, and you want to understand their fetish/interest better.

Don’t judge yourself or anyone else for what they’re into or what they’re not.

We’re all unique.

We’re not all supposed to like the same things.

If you’re into gender transformation stories — great, we are too, and know this, you are most certainly not alone. At all. Not even close.

And if you’re into some other kind of transformation story, that’s also great. Welcome to a very large, diverse, active, and creative community.


A Message for Everyone Else

And if you don’t “get” transformation fandom at all, well, just please do us a favor: you don’t have to understand it or share in it to appreciate us. You don’t have to enjoy the art to respect the artist. Everybody’s unique. Everyone has their own tastes, interests, fantasies, and fetishes.

Whatever you’re into to — it’s not right or wrong. It’s just what you happen to be into. You didn’t choose your fantasies or fetishes. You were just born that way. Or something happened to you that sparked this interest. (Of course, you don’t necessarily have to act on every one of them either, especially if it’s potentially dangerous to you or another. But for the most part, especially within the realm of fiction or consensual relationships, it’s all good.)

Our feelings and desires are just that — quite simply, our feelings and desires.

Honor them. Appreciate them. Enjoy them.

They make you unique. And being unique makes you beautiful.

So whether you’re part of the transformation community or not, one universal truth remains: we’re all human beings, we all deserve love and respect, and no one should be judged for who they are or what they’re interested in. No matter what you feel, your feelings are just that: feelings. Neither right nor wrong.

Thank you.

TG World promotes tolerance, diversity, and mutual respect and appreciation — for all people. We encourage the healthy exploration of ideas, feelings, and desires within the safety of mutually consensual relationships and/or harmless fictional fantasy entertainment.

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