TG Adult Content Level: Low (Safe for Most Audiences)

These stories are generally intended for teenagers or fans looking for more “clean” TG stories. If there’s any “adult” content, it’s very mild, minimally-described, and essential to the story. If it were a movie, it’d be rated “PG-13” or less. Good simple and clean fun.


A Girl's Life 2
It's been 10 years since Dana got supernaturally transformed into a girl. Everything seems to be going well, until she accidentally shares her secret with the love of her life. When he freaks out and rejects her for once being a man, Dana fears she may never find love again -- unless the god who changed her is willing to reset time and give her another chance to make things right.

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A Girl's Life
A young man questions his religious beliefs and tries to find what other gods may be out there -- and meets one. To prove that the god is real and has any power, he asks the god to manifest his dream girl into his life. But the god turns the young man into his dream girl instead.

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