Welcome to the TG World Frequently Asked Questions page! We’re here to help. Hopefully your question is already answered below. But if it’s not, just send us an email and we’ll answer you directly. Your question might even get added to this FAQ page!


About TG World’s Stories

What kind of “transgender” stories do you publish here?

The Basics: We publish original, high quality, edited, proofread, page-turning stories that feature at least one man who fully transforms into a girl by the end of the story. Our stories have a fantasy, science-fiction, mythological, supernatural, and/or superhero element, setting, or plot device of some kind.

Transformation Focused: The stories tend to focus on the events and experiences around transforming into a girl. This isn’t about men who simply “dress up” as women and try to pass in public as girls. In our stories, they literally and physically transform biologically, and fully, into a girl. You won’t find any she-males or “chicks with dicks” here, except possibly and only temporarily during a yet-to-be-completed transformation process. These aren’t just cross-dressing men. These are stories about biological men physically transforming completely into biological women.

Which May Include Other Stuff Too: There may be other transgender elements (like cross-dressing or forced feminization of a man), but those elements are only part of a larger story of an actual total physical transformation.

Fear and Pleasure: In many of our stories, once the man realizes he’s being transformed, he fears it and resists it. He doesn’t want to turn into a girl. In some of the stories, it’s much more voluntary and welcomed. Either way, by the end, once she’s fully a girl, she’s happy about it and loves her new female life.

Happily Ever After: Why’s she happy about it? It could be magic, mind control, or some other source. Maybe deep down, the character realizes they’ve always wanted to be a girl all along. Maybe she just discovers that it’s a lot more fun being (and having sex as) a girl. There’s lots of reasons; every story’s a little different. But it’s always a “happy ending” — sooner or later, the character will be happy she’s been turned into a girl.

Permanently Female: And whether by choice, force, or circumstance, she’s stuck as a girl forever. The transformation is permanent.

Erotic Adult Content: Overall, our stories also tend to have at least some nudity and/or at least one good sex scene. We prefer to publish “gender transformation erotica,” stories that feature a male into female transformation that’s also sexually arousing and exciting to read and vicariously experience. It’s not porn; character and story comes first. This is meant to be a good read. Take you to another world. And inside a character’s head and heart. And erotically tease, excite, arouse, and ultimately satisfy you sexually too.

Does the main character always completely transform into a girl?

Yes. You won’t find any partial/shemale transformations here. By the end of the story, the main character is fully, 100%, completely physically/biologically transformed into a girl from head to toe.

Mentally she may retain some or all of her old male identity, thoughts, feelings, and memories — or become fully mentally female too, perhaps with new memories and a new identity, or perhaps simply the same person with a whole new perspective on things.

But physically, she will be solely and entirely female.

Are all the stories sci-fi/fantasy and completely fictional?

Yes. We don’t do any real life stories here. Every character and event is entirely made up and the work of the author’s fertile imagination.

Every story will also have some magical, fantasy, high-tech, science-fiction, supernatural, or mythological element to it. Most transformations are caused by magic or pseudoscience. Or some gender-bending mythological creature or powerful demigod who enjoys messing with mortals. 😉

Are the stories mostly focused on the transformation experience?

Almost always. Most stories on our site focus on the transformation experience — the incident that caused it, the anticipation, the build up, the climax and completion at total transformation — and often a little sexual exploration and enjoying being female afterwards.

A few stories focus less on the transformation experience itself, and more on adapting, learning, and adjusting to being female afterwards.

How do I know what to expect in a given story?

The top of each story’s page has lots of helpful information. You can get a general idea of what to expect before you start reading it.

Writer: the author who wrote this story, obviously. 🙂
Length: the story’s page count
Genre: the best-fit overall genre for this story
Mature Content: how much or how little sex, nudity, language, and other adult content to expect
Series: if this book is part of a series, that series will be named and linked here

Permanent: once transformed, is the character stuck in female form forever?
Choice: was the character transformed voluntarily, reluctantly with some hesitation, or without his consent at all?
Sex Drive: after being transformed, is she sexually shy and conservative, fairly normal, or an uninhibited slut?
Orientation: as a female, is she straight (now attracted to men), bi-sexual, or a lesbian (still attracted to women)?
Memories: as part of the transformation process, does she still remember her old male life or now believe she’s always been female?

Transformed By: the actual thing, person, or method used to transform him into a girl
When: approximately when and where in the story the transformation occurs (near the beginning, middle, end, or slowly throughout the entire book)
TF Description: how detailed and descriptive the transformation is as you read the story (for example, is it barely mentioned / “poof” and he’s transformed, or does the author take time to describe and help visualize the subtle details, shifts, and changes as they’re happening to the character?)
Who Gets Changed: just one person (the main character), multiple men, men and women (both types of gender transformations), the same person multiple different times, etc
New Role/Purpose: after being transformed, what’s her life and future look like now — is she someone’s new girlfriend, destined to be a housewife, an all-powerful goddess, a sex slave, or open-ended and free to be whoever and whatever she wants, etc?

How much adult content should I expect?

Most of our stories are in the PG-13 to R-rated categories. There may be a few that feel more X-rated, but we don’t do any extreme XXX stuff. Our mission is to provide character-driven, page-turning, plot-centered stories. There’s often erotic content, yes, but as part of and in addition to the story, not instead of a story.

The top of each story’s page will tell you approximately how much adult content is in it.

Do you do fan fiction? Do you gender-transform famous characters?

As fun as it would be to feminize Harry Potter, Wolverine, or Doctor Who, unfortunately we can’t. It’s a legal copyright issue. Unless we had written permission from the owner, we legally can’t use their character in one of our stories, even if it’s just “fan fiction.”

All characters in all our stories are 100% original creations of our writers. However, if you own the copyright to a well-known character and would like us to do an “alternate reality/non-canon” gender transformation story about them, we’d love that! Just email us at [email protected] and let’s talk!

It’s my first time here. What stories do you recommend I start with?

That’s a great question! The Editor’s Top 10 Favorites includes our best, most popular, most interesting and original, and most beloved stories.


Payments, Refunds, and Customer Service

How will my purchase appear on my credit card or bank statement?

We value your privacy. Your transaction will simply appear as “PAYPAL *EBOOKS”.

Do I need a PayPal account?

No. You can use your debit card or any major credit card as well. All transactions are securely processed by PayPal, but you don’t need to have or use a PayPal account to buy from us today.

Will you share my info with anyone?

Nope. Never. We hate spam just as much as you. We promise to never sell, share, give away, let another company peek at, or otherwise let anyone know any of your info, period.

If you want to join our mailing list, we’ll let you know when we publish a new story or run an exclusive members-only sale. Again, your information is kept private and safe. We value the trust you place in us and will continue to respect you and your privacy.

Will I get an email receipt with my download links?

Of course. After you complete the purchase transaction, you’ll be taken back to our website with links to download your stories. You’ll also receive a separate email receipt that includes those same download links.

Most people receive their email receipt right away, but once in a blue moon (when the internet’s particularly bogged down), it make take several minutes or longer to get your email receipt copy.

What’s your refund policy?

We only want you to pay for the stories you enjoy. If for some reason you weren’t satisfied, you may request a refund within seven calendar days of purchase. Include your name, date of purchase, and which story you want to return. We will process your refund within ten business days of receiving your request.

Please note our refund policy only applies to PDF eBooks purchased from our website. If you bought one of our stories on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or elsewhere, you’ll need to contact them directly. We don’t have access to any of your information on those sites. Their return policy may be different than ours.

How can I re-download something I purchased in the past?

If you ever need to re-download your story, just go to our download page and enter your email address in the form provided. It will automatically send you a new email with fresh download links, for everything ever purchased under that email address.

I need to contact you for some other reason.

Cool. We’re here to help. Email Dana at [email protected]. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 10am to 5pm Pacific Time (GMT -08:00).

We strive to respond to all messages within five business days. Most of the time, we get back to you the same or next day.

I really love what you guys publish and want to support you. What’s the best way to do that?

First of all, thanks! We really appreciate that.

The best way to support us is to buy directly from our website. But we’re sure you already knew that. 😉

The next best way to support us is word of mouth. Link www.tgworldbooks.com on other sites. Recommend us to your online TG fan friends. Write a positive review on Amazon, Goodreads, a transgender/alternative sexuality book review website, your own blog, or anywhere else you feel a potential fan might want to find us.

And lastly, we love praise and attention too. So feel free to send fan mail and let your favorite author know when she’s done a fantastic job!

Thank you! We appreciate you.


Kindle, Nook, and Other eReaders

Do you sell Kindle, Nook, and other eReader formats on your website?

No. We only sell PDF versions of our stories on this website. If you want a Kindle, Nook, or other eReader version, just look for the appropriate link on the story’s page — it’ll take you directly to the version you want.

How do I load a PDF onto my Kindle?

It’s actually pretty easy. Just follow these steps:

1. Find the PDF file on your computer.
2. Use a USB cable to connect your Kindle to your computer. It will appear as an external drive (either in Finder for Mac or Explorer for Windows).
3. Inside Finder or Explorer, open the Kindle external drive and go to the “documents” folder.
4. Drag and drop your PDF file from your computer into the Kindle’s “documents” folder.

That’s it! You’re done! Your PDF is now on your Kindle!


The Master Collection

What’s included in the TG World Master Collection?

The Master Collection includes every gender transformation story in our current library at the time of purchase. Because you’re buying them all at once, you get a deep discount — an amazing 50% off! You get every book and screenplay written by every author currently published at TG World. This is the ultimate and complete collection. If you buy this, you don’t need to buy any other stories — you’ll already have it!

That’s a lot of stories! How do I download them all?

You’ll get a single email with links to each individual story. Download them all at once or cherry-pick the titles that interest you most first. The links will remain valid for 30 days, so you can take your time downloading them if you want. But if for any reason you need more time (or need to re-download them again later), just enter your email address here and fresh new links will be emailed to you, valid for another 30 days.

Can I download the Master Collection from a Dropbox (or other cloud storage) folder?

Currently, no, we don’t use Dropbox or any other third-party cloud service to store our entire library of transgender ebooks.

Originally, if you purchased the TG World Master Collection, you had to download one single zip file that contained all the PDF eBooks at once. However, over time as our library grew, that zip file got bigger and bigger, and some people started having issues downloading it. Also, if you only wanted to get a single new ebook from the collection, it didn’t make sense to have to re-download all the other stories at the same time just to get it.

So we improved the download system. Now, instead of downloading one massive zip file, you get a single email with separate links to all the individual stories. This way you can download (or re-download) only the specific ones you want and need, when and as you need them.

To get your personal download links, just enter your email address here.

We’re also looking into alternatives for the future, especially as our library continues to grow. But for now, this is the only way to download your stories from the Master Collection.

Why isn’t a specific story in the Master Collection (or elsewhere on this website) any more?

Sometimes authors may be de-listed from our library. There’s lots of reasons this could happen. Sometimes, they become so successful, they want to go independent and start self-publishing. Or maybe for personal reasons, they don’t want their transgender stories available online any longer. Whatever the reason, our publishing contract with them may have ended. In that event, we can no longer sell their stories to new customers. Their book(s) would be removed from our website and the Master Collection.

However, if you bought the Master Collection previously (when we still were actively publishing that author), you still have access to those books and can re-download them if needed. In other words, you always keep 100% of the stories you paid for, even if later that author is no longer with us. But new customers, unfortunately, won’t be able to read a story we no longer have the rights to publish.

Does the Master Collection include any *new* stories for free?

No, the Master Collection does not include any new stories that are published after your date of purchase. It only includes every story currently published at the time you order the collection, at an incredible 50% discount. During a special promotion in the summer of 2014, we also included a lifetime membership for free for anyone who purchased the Master Collection, but all available memberships have been claimed and that limited-time offer has ended.

As much as we’d love to, we can’t sell everything at 50% off AND give away free new stories for life forever. That’d be unfair to the authors who deserve to be paid for their talent. That’s why we could only offer that promotion for a limited time, which ended December 2, 2014.

After the 50% off promotion, we continued to offer a “lifetime membership” package priced at $199 through the first half of 2015. After that, we sold the maximum number of lifetime memberships available, and are unable to offer any more, out of fairness to the authors.

TG World does not “own” any of these stories. Authors are paid only with royalties earned from every purchase. If there are too many lifetime memberships, there’d be no incentive for authors to write or publish any new stories in the future. And that’s not fun or fair for anyone.


Lifetime Membership Plan

Do I have a lifetime membership?

If you purchased our Master Collection and it was called any of the following:

  • TG World Master Collection: Ultimate Supporter (Lifetime Access)
  • TG World Master Collection (+Free New Stories for Life)
  • TG World Master Collection with Lifetime Access

then yes, you have a lifetime membership. You may download and read any and all of our published transgender PDF eBooks directly from our website for free at any time, including future ones that haven’t even been written or published yet.

If you purchased the “TG World Master Collection: Savvy Collector (50% OFF)” option or the generic “TG World Master Collection,” then you do not have the lifetime membership plan. You received a deep discount on our entire current library at that time.

The “Master Collection” that included a free lifetime membership was only offered for a limited time, from May 22, 2014 through December 2, 2014. The standard lifetime membership (priced at $199) was available for purchase in early 2015. But we have now reached the maximum number of lifetime memberships spots available. Unfortunately, we cannot offer any more memberships to any new customers.

Does my lifetime membership include anything besides ebooks?

No. Your lifetime membership only provides new transgender PDF eBooks published on this website (www.tgworldbooks.com) for free. It does not include any games, videos, or other media or products.

If I’m a lifetime member, how do I download my new transgender ebooks for free?

If you have the lifetime membership plan, you can download any and all transgender ebooks found in our library (including newly published ones) here.

Enter your email address in the form provided. You’ll receive a single email containing all download links.

The newest (most recently published) stories will appear on the bottom of the list.

Please note: the lifetime membership only includes the PDF version of our transgender ebooks published on this website. It does not include any non-transgender titles or any video games, short films, or other media we may release now or in the future.

What if my download links aren’t working?

The download links expire after 48 hours. If for some reason you didn’t download your stories within that time period, just go to our download page and enter your email address again. It’ll send you a new email, with new valid links, whenever you need them.

If that still doesn’t work, there could be a technical problem with our server. Email Dana at [email protected] and let her know. She’ll contact tech support to get it fixed, and in the meantime, can manually send you whatever stories you need.

Where do I find _______ in my download links?

The oldest (first published) stories appear at the top of the list. The newest (just published) stories will appear at the bottom of the list. They are not in alphabetical order.

If you still can’t find the story you’re looking for, and you see it’s still published on our site, email Dana at [email protected] and let her know. She can help you.

My email address has changed. Can you update it?

Absolutely. Email Dana at [email protected] and give her your old account information. If you don’t have/can’t remember it, tell her as much info as you can so she can look up your account. Your real name, approximately when you purchased the Master Collection, any part of your email address you do remember, a PayPal receipt/transaction ID number, anything and everything helps.

Once she locates your account, she can update it with your current email address, which you can then use to get fresh download links for all your stories.

Can I get Kindle versions for free with my lifetime membership?

Unfortunately, our publishing agreement with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other third-party retailers prevents us from giving away their ebook file format versions as part of our lifetime membership plan. Our lifetime membership only includes the PDF eBook versions published on our site.

However, the Kindle and most other eReaders will easily read and display PDF eBooks.

If you really want a Kindle .mobi file format version, please consider buying one on Amazon. It will directly support the author and encourage them to keep writing more for fans like you.


Contacting the Authors

Will there be a sequel for _______?

Sometimes the author has sequels and trilogies already planned. Sometimes they don’t, but will consider it if a fan requests it.

If there’s a particular story you’d like to see a sequel to, go to the author’s bio page and send them an email. Let them know what you’d love to read more of!

I’m a book reviewer (amateur or professional). Can I review _______ for my blog, magazine, etc?

Yes. Just contact Dana at [email protected] and request it. Please be sure to include a link to where the review will appear (your blog, magazine, etc).

If you want an exclusive coupon just for your readers, we can provide that as well. Let us know if you’d like that.

Where can I send fan mail or follow my favorite author on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc?

The easiest way is to click on the portrait of your favorite author on the Meet the Authors page. That’ll take you to their personal bio, which includes their email address and any social media links they may have.

Do your authors accept commissioned work or special requests?

The answer is: maybe. It depends on the author. Best to email them directly. Any commissioned work is between you and the author. Our authors are independent contractors and are free to do whatever they want with their time and talent.

That being said, if they aren’t interested in doing a special request or commissioned work, please respect that.

If an author accepts my commission, will TG World publish it?

Possibly. If both you and the author want to publish the finished story with us, and there’s no copyright issues or other concerns, and we feel it’ll be a good fit for our library, then we probably will. Let us know if that’s what you want to do.

Additionally, we will need to know the details of your arrangement with the author. Did you pay her to write it (in a “work for hire” agreement)? If we publish it, are you and the author planning to split any income it earns? What percentage/ratio goes to each of you? Stuff like that. We just need to keep everything legal, on the level, and in clear writing for everyone involved.

I want to be an author at TG World. Will you publish me?

Sorry, at this time, TG World is not accepting submissions from new authors. We’re focusing on quality, not quantity. So we’re sticking with a very small team of writers who can work together well and write top quality transformation stories. Furthermore, we’re transitioning into a “TG Universe” — one shared universe that all our stories take place in. Characters and events in one story can affect, appear, and/or interact with characters and events in other stories, even if written by a different author. To do this, we need to keep the team small so we can communicate and plan well together.

I’m the author/creator of my own characters. I’m already self-published or have my own publisher, but is TG World interested in doing a cross-over event, a non-canon gender transformation of one of my characters, or some other fun creative collaboration?

Absolutely. Email us at [email protected] and let’s talk. If you have a favorite author you want to work with, we can help make that happen. If you’re not sure or are happy with any of our authors, we’ll find the best fit for you and this project. TG World is happy to be a part of the larger creative community — transgender or otherwise. Let’s work together and create something fun both our fan bases will love!