Ideal Lovers: The TG Game Show

Writer:DK Masters
Transformed By:Best Friend, Game Show
Length:94 pages
When:Throughout Entire Story
Genre:Science-Fiction, Fantasy
Sex Drive:Extremely High
TF Description:Highly Detailed
Mature Content:High – Adults Only
Who Gets Changed:Multiple People
New Role/Purpose:Girlfriend
Summary:Two best friends compete in a major broadcast game show, using magic while trying to out-wit each other, hoping to turn the other into his ideal girlfriend forever.

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“We should be picking up their broadcast signals now.”

Sam awoke from a very long nap. His seat was so comfortable. The most comfortable seat available in the entire galactic network. But that sounded a lot more impressive than it really was. The entire “galactic network” consisted of only five planets, three of which were still so backwater and underdeveloped, that they made third world countries back on Earth look ahead of the game.

That only really left two planets: Earth and Terra Prime.

Earth you already know about. It’s that pretty blue and green planet, third one from the sun, that humans first came from. In the late 21st Century, faster-than-light space travel was developed, and humans began exploring and colonizing the depths of space.

Terra Prime was the first Earth-like planet we found. They called it the Great Manifest Destiny — Part II. (The first, of course, being the Americans moving out west to claim their land and fortunes.) And it was a big race. Entire nations pooled resources and came together to build entire colony teams, gather and transport untapped resources, and claim new regions of this gorgeous, lush, water-rich planet. Completely virgin. Completely untouched.

It didn’t need any terraforming like Mars, which was an utter failure. Mars ended up being one of those other three backwater planets where only the poor, desperate, and outlaws tended to hide. You could make an honest living there for sure, but it wasn’t anywhere you would make a fortune.

But Terra Prime was a gold mine.

Not just for its clean air and crystal-clear oceans, lakes, and rivers. Not just for its gorgeous pristine mountains — some even higher than the Himalayas back on Earth. It wasn’t even the raw land and open space.

It was something else:

A rare mineral they found early on buried within that planet.

It looked like a crystal, but it was completely unique to anything humans had found anywhere else yet. Probably the remnants of some neutron star a zillion years ago, that exploded or died to help provide this planet’s raw materials. So what was so special about this rare mineral?

They came in all shapes and sizes. Blue ones, pink ones, yellow ones, green ones. Multicolored ones that refracted in the light. They were pretty. And at first, they were collector’s items. Jewelry. Status symbols. Little more. But then… then one day an “accident” happened.

A woman had a rather large one of these gems — they called these crystals “auras” for their unique and brilliant colors — that she happened to be wearing in any overpriced engagement ring. As the story goes, she was making love with her fiance, but he had a little “trouble” rising to the occasion. Apparently it wasn’t the first time, either. Frustrated, she sighed and expressed her frustration. She wished he never had this problem. She wished his dick was bigger, harder, and ready to go all the freaking time. And that’s when it happened.

It grew.

His dick. It grew. Without him doing anything. Without them trying. It tingled with what he described as a “magical energy” and made his cock grow larger, thicker, and taller. And from that day on, he never had problems rising to the occasion again.

He, of course, had several doctors check it out. No one could explain what happened. A grown man’s penis doesn’t just spontaneously gain an extra inch and a half, thicken out, and suddenly be ready to go all the time. Especially considering he had had this “problem” for most of his adult life. Not that he was complaining. But he was curious.

The doctors ran every test they could think of. Nothing came up. As far as they could tell, somehow, suddenly his very DNA had changed. He hadn’t signed up for gene therapy. It was too expensive. But this — this was almost magical. He and his (now) wife have never been happier or more active in the bedroom.

Once word of his story started to spread, people began looking for the common denominator. Here and there, occasionally, a similar (or completely unrelated) story of a “magical” event happening started to spread around. And eventually people found the connecting element: every single one of these stories had an aura gem nearby when the “event” happened.

Before long, research labs and casual hobbyists were experimenting with these beautiful minerals. And eventually it was confirmed without a doubt. There was something in these beautiful crystals — some kind of yet-undiscovered magical power — that responded to human will and desire.

The key? It had to be in proximity. Any more than 50 or 60 feet away, and the crystal wouldn’t respond. And the person had to focus his/her mind and will. Passionately feel something, a strong desire, to activate the crystal. But that was all it took. Proximity and a clear, focused emotion.

The aura gems didn’t last forever, though. Each time they were used, they shrank a little. Somehow they stored this limited resource of “magical” energy. But eventually, after enough uses, the crystals were spent, and the auras turned black.

Which, of course, created a huge demand for more aura mining on Terra Prime. The planet was set. Many, many people quickly made their fortunes.

But almost immediately after, the allied interplanetary governments started regulating these auras, putting all kinds of rules, restrictions, and laws upon them. They said it was for everyone’s own good. But people suspected the governments just wanted to use it for their own purposes.

Fortunately — they weren’t forbidden or banned completely. They just required a special license and could only be used under certain circumstances. Medicine, for example, expanded by leaps and bounds as hospitals and doctors began using auras for solving a wide variety of problems and needs. Major movie studios who could afford the aura licenses often used them for “real life” special effects. Deep space expedition crews brought some along their long journeys, for both entertainment and survival needs.

The only thing auras couldn’t be used for was casual, everyday, “just for fun” stuff by the common public. Licenses were really expensive. Only the super rich could afford it. And the government regulations demanded that all auras had to be used for some kind of practical purpose that somehow benefited the general public.

But that didn’t stop ordinary people from wanting to use auras. It just meant they had to find creative, legal ways to use it for what they wanted.

And ever since their discovery with that famous story of the man with the small limp penis — people have been wanting to use auras to enhance and fix their own love lives too.

Some entrepreneurial genius used that to come up with a great idea.

A television game show.


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Ideal Lovers: The TG Game Show
Two best friends compete in a major broadcast game show, using magic while trying to out-wit each other, hoping to turn the other into his ideal girlfriend forever.

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