Secrets at Mystic Lake

Transformed By:Magic Lake
Length:36 pages
When:Middle and End of Story
Sex Drive:High
TF Description:Minimal Details
Mature Content:Medium – Teens and Adults
Who Gets Changed:Multiple People
New Role/Purpose:Open Ended
Summary:A camping trip deep in the wilderness forever changes the lives of five close friends. Mystic Lake, a mysterious place imbued with supernatural power, transforms all who enter into the opposite sex … and fills them with overwhelming sexual desire to accept and embrace their new identities.

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What a beautiful day.

Five friends — three guys and two girls, all in their mid-twenties — carried backpacks and camping gear on them as they hiked up yet another mountain ridge. They had been hiking all day. Left at 4:30am to get a head start. By now, they were miles from civilization. Completely out of range of any cell phone towers. The GPS still worked, obviously, but that was about it.

It was so quiet, so peaceful, so serene and beautiful here.

They came over the hill and saw a beautiful secluded mountain lake resting just ahead.

“Wow, would you look at that,” said Rose, the thin brunette of the group. She wore a white t-shirt with the Canadian maple leaf logo on it. Not that she was Canadian. She just loved visiting there. She had some family that moved there a few years ago. She lived in California now. All by herself. But she had made some good friends while living there. Including the pals she went on this hiking excursion with today.

“It’s perfect,” said Sam. If he had to be a stereotype, he’d be the token nerd of the group. He had the glasses, small body frame, weak muscles, and did really well in school. He was helplessly awkward and always looked insecure, but he was also the guy with the handheld GPS and other survival equipment they needed. He was always shy around girls, always trying too hard. The others questioned if he ever even had sex. He refused to comment on the status of his virginity, which only confirmed it in their minds.

“This looks like a good place to set up camp,” said Joe, the confident and sometimes practical joker of the group. He had a great body and he knew it. Spent a good 10 to 15 minutes every morning in the mirror making sure he looked good for the ladies. Of course, he already had a girlfriend — Melissa, who was right by his side, even now — but still, he liked to look good. Joe looked up at the sun’s position in the sky. “Now’s a good time to set up. It’ll give us plenty of time to get supplies and settle in for the night.”

Melissa, beautiful a blonde, wrapped her arm around his and leaned her head on his shoulder for a minute. She was so tired. They had been hiking all day. Stopped only twice to eat some trail mix and snacks. She wasn’t much of an outdoor enthusiast, but she loved being with Joe, so she came along just for that. She was glad they’d finally be stopping for a while. She knew they planned to continue hiking further out tomorrow. But at least she’d get some rest tonight.

The only other guy was Mark, an average-looking guy, moderately handsome, recently broken up with his 3-year-long girlfriend. He needed this trip to get away and take his mind off things. Unlike Melissa, he loved nature and the outdoors. He and Sam had all the tents and camping gear. They were actually friends since their senior year of high school. But last year, the last of them finally graduated. Not naming names, but someone whose name rhymes with “Doe” flunked a few required classes a few times and took longer to graduate than the rest of them.

Just last month, Mark got an internship at some startup company that apparently did contract work for the government, or something like that. No one was really sure. Mark’s descriptions were always a little vague. Rose, the brunette, had decided to go to grad school in another state, starting in the fall, to pursue her master’s in psychology. And Sam was being transferred to Silicon Valley in three months to work for a dotcom company. Joe and Melissa seemed content in their local, low-paying jobs. But they had each other. And that seemed to be plenty.

But these five friends realized that this summer may be their last summer together. So this was more than just a random four-day hiking trip. Although no one ever said it, this was their last hurrah as a group. It was one last great adventure and memory to share, to keep of each other, when they inevitably and naturally went off in their separate directions, living their own lives.

They hiked down the hill and stopped by the lakeside. It was a good open clearing, surrounded by forests, mountains, and peace and quiet. “I bet we’ll be able to see all the constellations tonight!” excitedly said Sam.

“I’m sure we will,” said Rose. It was kind of a “no-duh” thing, but she said it in a nice way.

“Alright,” said Joe confidently, “this is the spot. We’ll set up our tents here, here, and Sam, you can sleep over there.”

“Ha ha, very funny,” Sam said.

Joe slid off his backpack and pulled out the folded tent. Melissa helped get the spikes and poles out and assisted Joe in setting up their tent.

Rose dropped off her gear and said, “I’m going to scout for some firewood. I’ll be back soon.”

Joe gave her a look.

“I won’t go far. Promise,” she said.

Meanwhile Mark and Sam started to set up their tent.


That Evening

The sun set quicker than they expected. Once it dropped behind the mountains, it got dark pretty fast. Fortunately by then, they were all pretty much set up. Tents were up. Sleeping bags unrolled. Campfire lit in the center. Beans and other canned foods being cooked in small pots on the fire.

All five sat around on small logs in a circle.

Sam was playing with his GPS and looking up at the stars. He pointed at some, counting them, and smiled when he confirmed their names. “Hey Rose,” he said, leaning over next to her. “See those five stars there? Their names are–”

She tuned him right out. She smiled, nodded occasionally, and tried paying attention, but this stuff was just not what she was into. It was cool that he was. But she was into psychology and sociology. She understood how people worked, but when it came to the hard sciences like physics and astronomy, that was Sam’s territory. Maybe if he didn’t use so many technical terms and long scientific names, she might be able to keep up.

Besides, something else was distracting her. Joe and Melissa, sitting directly across the fire from Rose, were snuggling up pretty close and all over each other. She admired their chemistry, especially after being together for over a year and a half already — most guys, in her experience, lose interest by then — but these two were just ridiculous. They were always all over each other. Constant public displays of affection. Pretty erotic kissing in front of others too. Like right now. She stuck her tongue inside his mouth and everyone saw it.

Meanwhile Mark just sat farther from the fire, quietly enjoying his meal. It was a little chilly out that night. Rose rubs her arms to keep warm, and she was sitting closer to the fire than Mark. “Aren’t you cold?” she asked him.

“Me? Oh, I never get cold,” he said. Then he muttered quietly under his breath, “Not any more, anyway.”

“What?” she asked. She couldn’t hear him.


“And that constellation, see, the one that’s shaped like a giant spoon, can you guess what that one’s called?” Sam asked Rose. Oh my gosh. He was still talking.

“Um, the Big Dipper?”

He smiled. “Right. And those stars over there–”

Melissa, the blonde, got up and gave Joe another tender kiss, gliding her hand down his cheek. “I’m going to go get ready for bed. See you soon?”

Joe couldn’t stand up right away because his dick was hard and unfortunately angled the wrong way into his pants. The curse of being a guy. Oh well. “Sure thing, baby,” he said. “I’ll be right in.” Then as soon as she was gone, and no one else was looking, he reached inside his pants quickly and readjusted himself. Much better. He stood up. Stretched his arms. “Well, guys, I think I’m going to call it a night. See you all in the morning.”

Rose rolled her eyes. She knew exactly what they were doing. He wouldn’t be sleeping for quite a while yet. She knew him and Melissa. Rose figured that Melissa was already in her sleeping bag, stark naked, waiting for Joe to come in. Then she’d undress him, first with her mind and then with her hands, and proceed to give him a blow job. Then they’d roll over, make out some more, and he’d start to finger her. By the time she finished, he’d be hard again, and they’d have actual sex, and be at it for God knew how long — those two had incredible stamina and endurance, it was insane — and finally, after making a lot of noise they naively think no one else would hear, they’ll finish and finally go to sleep. Rose checked her watch. It’d probably be a good ninety minutes or so before that happened, she figured.

“You know,” said Sam, “you don’t have to sleep alone.”


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A camping trip deep in the wilderness forever changes the lives of five close friends. Mystic Lake, a mysterious place imbued with supernatural power, transforms all who enter into the opposite sex ... and fills them with overwhelming sexual desire to accept and embrace their new identities.

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