TG World

You can read and fully enjoy each of our stories in any order that pleases you. But, it turns out, these seemingly independent and unrelated stories are all actually part of the same universe. Come explore our world — TG World — where magic is possible, transformation is inevitable, and men find themselves totally turning into girls.

This page is your guide of sorts. A brief introduction and orientation to some of the more interesting and unique characters, items, and special locations in our world. Feel free to browse around. If something interests you, simply click on the story link associated with it.

Aura Crystals

These rare crystals come in a wide variety of brilliant colors, shapes, and sizes. Found only on certain planets, aura crystals are believed to be condensed magical energy that respond to human will and desire. Their magic can be used for a potentially unlimited number of effects, however, every time a crystal is used, it shrinks proportionally to the magic required, until it becomes a black and inert tiny rock.

Found in: Ideal Lovers: The TG Game Show

Beta Gem

A small pink crystal orb, about the size of a marble, with a mysterious golden “beta” symbol suspended within its center. It possesses tremendous power, capable of permanently transforming any person or creature into any new living form and appearance desired. The transformation is so permanent, in fact, that nothing seems to be able to undo Beta’s changes, not even other magic or the use of time travel to alter history — thus making Beta paradox-resistant and seemingly drawing its power from something beyond our spacetime continuum.

Found in: The Future of Mankind

The Coconut Club

An exclusive gentlemen’s club for only the elite and wealthy, located on the big island of Hawaii. The club employs a variety of exotic, diverse, and world-class beautiful girls as dancers, waitresses, and sometimes for more “intimate” one-on-one sessions as well. Not all men desire the same kind of girl, and management at the Coconut Club knows that well, so each client completes a detailed questionnaire describing their ideal dream girl. The girls at the club then use a variety of magical items and enchanted clothing to transform themselves, mind and body, into each client’s perfect fantasy for the night. All this comes at a premium price, much of which ends up in the girls’ pockets, but for an evening of pleasure and customized fantasy, everybody goes home happy.

Found in: The Coconut Club

Echowood College

A private university secluded away in the forest and mountains, far from civilization. Here, both students and teachers have the opportunity to research and experiment with things most other institutions can’t or won’t — including mysterious magical artifacts, cutting edge science, and metaphysical studies.

Found in: Secrets at Echowood College

Gentlemen’s Ideal Recreational Life Club

A medical spa and treatment center, where men can take their girlfriends or wives to be “enhanced” in various ways — such as breast enlargement, genetically changing their hair or eye color, or overall youth restoration and revitalization. But the center can customize anything about a person, and will occasionally be hired to alter a girl’s mind, attitude, and personality too — making her more obedient, submissive, eager to please, an airhead bimbo, smarter, more playful, or whatever else the client requests. Usually the women voluntarily have themselves enhanced or altered, for a multitude of reasons. Sometimes, however, a wife or girlfriend might be tricked, thinking they’re coming in for one thing, and leaving as something else. And rarely, under special circumstances, the center has even completely changed a man into someone’s ideal girl.

Found in: Sweet Revenge

Kingdom of Etheria

A large kingdom that exists in a present-day parallel universe. It covers most of what would be North America in our reality, but due to their altered history, the United States was never formed. In their world, electricity and modern technology doesn’t exist, and society never progressed much beyond the medieval era. Magic is a part of life, but not something most people have access to. The Kingdom of Etheria has more than a few secrets, though, including that one of their princesses was initially born as a commoner boy.

Found in: Princess


Mad scientist. Evil genius. Aspiring super villain. All these things could describe the man known only as “Mastermind.” He made a small fortune for himself by inventing technology capable of transforming a person’s mind and body down to the last detail. But he didn’t stop there. Always hungry for more power, he eventually acquired the Beta Gem as part of a larger plan towards world domination and enslaving mankind.

Found in: The Intern, The Secret Origin of Raina (Screenplay)The Future of Mankind

Mysterious Unknown Demigod

There is a deity, who appears neither male nor female, who claims to be known by many names and forms. This deity seems friendly and wants to help humans, in exchange for worship and recognition. It grants wishes to its followers — but not always in the way the devotee asked or expected. Its true name, intention, and origin remains unknown.

Found in: A Girl’s Life, A Girl’s Life 2

Mystic Lake

According to legend, a long time ago, a Native American couple got into a heated argument over which sex was better. The argument escalated as friends and family began taking sides. An elder shaman came up with a radical solution. Channeling mystical nature energy into the lake, he imbued its waters with the power to transform any who entered it into the opposite sex. Now, whenever a man or woman swims in or drinks from that lake, even all this time later, they too will transform. Once transformed, however, the lake’s waters do not seem to work on the same person twice, leaving them into that new body — along with an increased libido and lowered inhibitions.

Found in: Secrets at Mystic Lake

The Parts Store

A seemingly ordinary department store that sells a variety of clothes and other items. However, its wares seem to have magical properties capable of enhancing, altering, and transforming others in specific ways. Its owner is a magical being of an unknown origin, who’s trying to keep humanity safe from evil spirits and powerful demons.

Found in: The Parts Store

The Tantra Club

This weekly class and workshop taught in Los Angeles covers a special discipline of Tantra, intended for the more sexually open and adventurous. For most students, it’s little more than sitting around in a circle naked, breathing deeply, and connecting to the sexual energy of the cosmos and within themselves. However, for a select few, the teacher invites them for private “advanced” classes — where she uses Tantra magic to play with, and sometimes completely transform, the sexuality of these students.

Found in: The Tantra Club

Tiresias Global

A private corporation with seemingly limitless funds, currently researching both scientific and magical ways of specifically transforming men into women. They own a private island, a couple dozen miles outside Hawaii. Volunteers are misled here for a variety of false reasons and empty promises, not realizing the corporation’s true purpose and intention until their own gender transformation has already begun.

Found in: Ray’s Discovery, Prisoner, Gods Among Us

University of Magic & Mysticism

It’s a university inside a castle, intended only for college students who wish to study and master one or more magical disciplines. Classes taught here include everything from spellcasting, ward creation, developing potions, summoning mythological creatures, to enchanting objects and more.

Found in: Twist of Fate (Screenplay)


A subspecies of succubi that, instead of draining a man’s life force, feed on his sexual masculine energy instead. However, if she drains him completely, she’ll transform him into a female succubus were-woman just like her. Not all were-women are the same. Some only show their true form during a full moon; others are always female and need to feed at all times.

Found in: Curse of the Were-Woman, How I Became a Succubus Were-Woman, The Succubus Hunter