The Secret Origin of Raina (Screenplay)

Transformed By:Transformation Ray Gun
Length:15 pages (Screenplay)
When:Throughout Entire Story
Sex Drive:Extremely High
TF Description:Highly Detailed
Mature Content:High – Adults Only
Who Gets Changed:Main Character
New Role/Purpose:Bimbo Slut for Sale
Summary:An evil genius has invented a new device that can transform anyone into anything — and uses his mind-controlled intern as a demonstration.

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It’s a fairly small room cluttered with science gear and equipment from floor to ceiling. Fluorescent lights bleach the already white walls and sterile floor.

A COLLEGE INTERN sets up a VIDEO CAMERA facing a blank white board on the wall. The intern is 22, male, with average looks, dressed in average street clothes.

Nearby at the only desk in this small room is a SCIENTIST, mid 30s, good-looking, and sharply dressed. He makes the lab coat look cool. He’s leaning over the desk, typing something at his computer.

How’s it coming?

Almost there.

The scientist steps over to a moveable metal shelf and rolls it closer. On it are six small television monitors, all currently blank. Wires and cables dangle in a mess behind it. They all seem to be connected to the computer.

They’re coming online now.

The first television monitor lights up. A male figure, cloaked in shadow, appears. Then the second and third screens light up, revealing two other people — a woman wearing large dark glasses and a man wearing a face mask. One by one the other three screens turn on, all showing one person each. But all of their identities remain secret.

The college intern switches on the video camera.

Okay. That should do it.

The scientist moves in front of the camera.

(to college intern)
Step aside.

The intern steps off camera. The scientist adjusts his clothes and directly faces the camera.

Esteemed ladies and gentlemen.
Thank you for coming. Your
connections are now secure. We are
ready to begin. Can you all hear
and see me?

He glances at the shelf of television screens on the side. All six mysterious figures seem to nod.

Excellent. Today is a new day.
Whatever you thought possible in
the world this morning, you may
disregard for the remainder of this
presentation. What I’m about to
show you will change your lives —
quite literally.

The college intern stands behind the camera, keeping it centered and focused on the scientist.

Another one of my technologies is
on sale today. Only one unit is for
sale, going to the highest bidder.
The winner will have exclusive use
of my invention. It will not be
made available for sale again.

A number appears at the bottom of one of the screens. It’s an offer of $100,000.

The scientist sees it and smiles.

Please. You haven’t even seen a
(to college intern)
Rex, come here.

The college intern walks in front of the camera, standing beside the scientist.

(to camera)
This is Rex, one of my lab
assistants. Like all my assistants,
he’s been injected with my
proprietary — and most certainly
NOT for sale — mind control
nanotechnology. He’s obedient to
anything I tell him to do. Isn’t
that right, Rex?

Rex nods his head.

Yes, master.

He will be the subject of
today’s… presentation.
(to Rex)
Wait here.

The scientist steps off camera and wheels out a cylindrical device, some kind of high-tech laser machine with added components. It’s big, bulky, and heavy. Hence why it’s on wheels.

He pushes the machine into view of the camera. He points it directly at Rex.

This is Project Genesis version
2.5. Don’t ask about versions 2.4
and earlier. Their results were
less than perfect.
(to himself)
I lost some good assistants with
(louder, to camera)
Now, this machine generates a
stream of subatomic particles that,
with the help of my specialized
computer program, can fine-tune and
adjust the most minute detail of
any living thing with incredible
precision and accuracy.

Rex stands around, looking bored.

Allow me to demonstrate with a
visual aid.


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The Secret Origin of Raina (Screenplay)
The original screenplay based on "The Intern" by Tiffany White. An evil genius has invented a new device that can transform anyone into anything — and uses his mind-controlled intern as a demonstration.

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