Okay, so maybe you don’t want to be a girl, but you have to admit, you’re curious what sex is like from the other side. Or maybe you’re curious about exploring your own sexual nature — and wonder if, naturally, you’re more feminine than masculine in the bedroom. If you suddenly transformed into a girl right now, would you lock the door and spend the next few hours exploring your own body? Would you lose yourself, and momentarily forget all about being transformed, as you peaked closer and closer to climax, rolling your eyes back, curling your toes, screaming out “dear God YES!” as you reach for multiple female orgasmic surrender?

… Yeah. Me too.

These stories, my sweet beautiful friend, are all about sexual exploration and self-discovery. Would you like to cum explore with me?


The Red Merry Widow
Michael tries on his ex-girlfriend's red merry widow--and is magically transformed into a woman for as long as he continues wearing it. Not sure how or why her lingerie does this to him, Michael decides to turn it into a little experiment and go out to the local dive bar in female form. Then when a chance encounter with a sexy stranger stirs up insatiable sexual desires, she wonders if there's a way to make this effect last a little longer, even without any clothes on. That's when she discovers the true source of the merry widow's power--and is given a life-altering choice that will set Michael's inner nature free forever.

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The Tantra Club
David's been having a little trouble performing in the bedroom, so he signs up for an exclusive -- and magical -- tantra club to help him become a better man. But after the instructor invites him to some private tutoring, he unwittingly volunteers to be magically transformed into a woman -- only to find out she may be much better in bed that way.

57 pages | Read Free Sample
Price: $3.99