Super Powers

What’s better than being transformed into a hot girl? Being transformed into a hot girl … with super powers! You don’t have to be a super hero if you have powers — but I won’t stop you if you want to dress up in brightly colored spandex.

These stories include transgendered superheroes, villains who love transforming other people, and ordinary people with powers who use their special abilities in “other” fun and interesting ways — like getting rich, getting laid, or getting even.


The Future of Mankind
After inventing a time machine, Tim travels 10 years into the future and discovers a world filled with mutants, sex slaves, and an oppressive robot police force. Assumed to be a rebel, Tim is quickly captured and taken to the man himself--the evil dictator called Mastermind who's enslaved the world. Mastermind punishes rebels by magically transforming them into his own personal female sex slaves. Tim will soon meet that very fate, unless he can find a way to escape--and be the one to go back in time and save the future.

95 pages | Read Free Sample
Price: $4.99
Secrets at Echowood College
A private college tucked away in seclusion has been researching mysterious orbs with supernatural powers -- and everything begins to unravel when a student accidentally stumbles upon one of them and takes it for herself. Students begin transforming, and the future fate of the world begins changing, unless a secret time-traveler from the future can stop it all before it happens.

150 pages | Read Free Sample
Price: $5.99
Price: $4.99